A Prayer of Returning to Christ

A Prayer of Returning

Our Lord we are before You asking for grace. Lord, we confess that our eyes are so blind that we cannot see clearly. Things we know, Christ we do not know. You, Lord, seem to be rather distant from us. Things look so real to us, while Christ himself is not that real. Lord, we truly ask You to cause us to see. May Christ become real to us. Let things pass away, let life fill us. Lord, we sincerely ask You to deliver us from objects which can be counted that we may know the Lord who is a person. May the personal Lord be all our countable things. May everything in us be living and full of life so that people may see Christ when they see these things. Lord, cause us to understand how totally diverse are these two ways. How different is the way of the righteous from the way of the sinner; in like manner, how very much different is the way of a true Christian from that of a false one. There is need for much crushing. Crush us, Lord. Do not allow us to deceive ourselves: considering ourselves as having seen though we see nothing, as having touched the way when we are far from it, as being full of life whereas we are full of things. Lord touch us. Establish Yourself firmly in us that from our inside to our outside it may be Christ Himself.

by Watchman Nee