Trinity and some Thoughts

I woke up abut 5:30 AM thinking about the Trinity.  What came to my mind was the sun in the sky.  We know it is 93 million miles away but I saw it as an example of the trinity.  First, it is the sun or a star, then here on earth it brings warmth and also light.  So the Father is in Heaven, we receive the warmth of His love through the Holy Spirit and Jesus came as the Light to a dark world.  As the sun in the sky is one but is three so is God.  Also I was led to John Chapter 17 verse 21 were Jesus says “that they may be one, as You Father, are in Me, and I in You that they also may be one in Us, that they believe that You sent Me.”  God is in God through the Holy Spirit and He invites us to enter that same realm.  As the sun in the sky can’t help but bring warmth and light so it is with God who is Love, He can’t not be love and is revealed by the Holy Spirit in the Person of Jesus Christ. Three equals one.  Hope this makes sense.  God bless.